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You feel an inner call to meet a deeper need or overcome a challenge, and you’re unsure how to step forward. You know you have unique gifts to offer the world. Being authentic and feeling fulfilled is important to you. You’re committed to growing in self awareness, even when it feels challenging.

If you're resting in the comfort of your familiar world and yet seeking deeper meaning and purpose;
Struggling with worry or self doubt;
Feeling a sense of fear around stepping into the unknown; 
Questioning your strengths or lost in the maze of uncertainty; 
Looking for an ally to help you cross the threshold into a new frontier...

You're ready to embark on an adventure!

You want to connect with a peer who’s familiar with the inner landscape. A companion who can help craft this next phase of your life. That’s where I come in.

The way forward

30 Days, 30 Ways - One month focus

You feel the need for change and want to discover the value of coaching. You want to feel supported as you move forward and engage in daily actions and reflections designed to fulfil your goals and intentions. You welcome encouragement and accountability in between sessions, to build a strong foundation for your future.

Going Deeper - Three month immersion

You say yes to all above and want to immerse yourself in a journey that gives space for deep transformation, integration and development. You’re reflective by nature and welcome a thought partner who has experience of the inner terrain as you craft the next phase of your life. You're ready to make a strong commitment to yourself.

Each Coaching Programme is Customised for You
Opportunities Include

  • BE THE HERO IN YOUR JOURNEY - We’ll establish a unique partnership, guided by you. Together we’ll trust in the emerging wisdom, cultivate curiosity and develop a robust way of relating. Our coaching conversations will help you move forward with clarity and confidence.

  • DEVELOP SELF AWARENESS - Creating a profile of your home and work life ensures we understand your priorities and focus. It also helps energise your current terrain by gaining greater clarity.

  • DISCOVER YOUR SIGNATURE STRENGTHS - Weaving in tools from positive psychology helps guide decisions and direction. Excitement comes from authenticity - you’ll know deep within ‘this is the real me.’
  • DEFINE YOUR VALUES - Living from essence flows with more ease when you know what’s truly important. Connecting with the strength at your core cultivates the courage for change. Knowing your values can help strengthen your inner compass. 

  • JOURNAL REFLECTIVELY - Insights often arise in between sessions. Observing your inner wisdom helps guide our coaching conversations towards your goals. Journal enhances the safe space to be deeply honest, meet your dragons, mine for gold and recognise your progress.
  • PRACTICE MINDFULNESS - Establishing a quiet practice, even just five minutes or one deep breath, creates the spaciousness to live wisely. We can co-create supportive practices to weave into your daily life.
  • REVIEW YOUR ACTIONS - Small steps lead to bigger change. By reviewing progress and being accountable there’s a steady learning curve as you practice new ways of being. Coaching helps expand our range of choices, refine our actions and discover new possibilities.

  • NURTURE YOUR WELLBEING - Keeping a gratitude journal is a simple and proven way to enhance your health and wellbeing. Even when challenges are present we can train ourselves to find the gems in life and nurture our soul with calm day by day.

  • DEVELOP POSITIVE HABITS - Drawing from positive psychology and establishing new habits can create a supportive rhythm and structure for your life, minimise stress and create greater freedom.

"Christine held a 'wider than the moment' picture which was really useful. I felt held with compassion and understanding, as well as a lack of judgement. I now feel more committed to my intention and need of a weekly rhythm." Bettina 

 "I relished the clarity with which Christine picked up on a key phrase and encouraged me to explore it more. The insights I gained helped me understand a blind spot around my belief system. I appreciated feeling seen and danced with and the focus on what's important." - Jason