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The Deep Dive

Personal Journey

My early career was in travel and tourism and I’ve enjoyed many 'outer adventures' around the world. Living on a kibbutz in Israel, travelling overland from Kenya to Zimbabwe, emigrating from England to Australia all in search of inner peace. It's an ongoing journey to cultivate this day by day.

In my early 30’s I became more aware of the ‘inner life’ and after my then husband and I went our separate ways I deepened my exploration of the spiritual path. Mindfulness is my ongoing practice and for over 20 years I’ve been committed to personal and spiritual growth. I've explored my 'creative life' through desktop publishing, the art of book binding and handmade Scottish Greeting cards, hence my business being coaching and craft.

I'm deeply grateful the spiritual journey has been interwoven in my professional life; as the Retreats Manager of Byron Yoga Centre in Australia, the Guest Department Manager of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and the first Executive Director of the Holistic Centers Network (HCN) in the United States. This is one of the gifts I bring to my coaching clients, helping to find a deeper sense of meaning and expression of soul purpose.


For nearly ten years home in Byron Bay, Australia was a beach lifestyle that I dearly loved combined with meaningful work. Yet I felt an inner nudge to explore more of who I am. In 2010, I heard about an international gathering of retreat center leaders in Hawaii and knew I had to be there. It felt like meeting my tribe and I was keen to focus my passion. I had so much freedom to explore my next steps and yet my role and direction felt unknown. I offered to create the first website and for several years volunteered to support the network.

A few weeks later I woke up with the words Findhorn Life Purpose on my mind. I discovered a workshop of that name at the Findhorn Foundation, an educational charity nestled within a spiritual community and ecovillage in Scotland. I describe it as my University of the Soul. I thought I’d visit for a few weeks and return to Australia. Unexpectedly in my 40’s, I found myself settling back in the UK after nearly 20 years down under. Being a Findhorn Gardener helped ground me in the first year and then I followed my heart to serve in Education.

Simultaneously, I discovered my calling to weave the network of transformational learning and retreat centers around the world that help create a more holistic way of being. I enjoyed this in my free time and helped create HCN. In 2016, my dream came true - I was offered a funded role and travelled more. During the pandemic, the network weaving role had a strong virtual element and I was longing for a more tactile experience. I discovered crafting and a new expression of weaving love and connection through handmade cards.

In my early 50's, I lost my role with HCN and experienced a huge transition, along with many people during the pandemic. I needed time to adjust and explore my next steps. The change deepened my sense of compassion and presented a great opportunity to focus on my coaching and craft. Recognising my new calling and being self employed has presented numerous fears to be faced and I bring a rich life experience to coaching.

When I reflect on key milestones, there are times I’ve followed my heart, trusted my intuition and stepped into the unknown. A deep trust in life has been an abiding companion. There are also times when I’ve been unsure and struggled with direction and decisions. I’ve learnt from pain and heartbreak more times than I wished and often been a slow student of life! I deeply value the support I've received along the way.

How might I have navigated life differently if I’d been more aware of the Hero's Journey?

How might coaching support this moment in your life?


"You listened in a very engaged way. I really felt held by your presence, without being judged, or feeling like you were losing interest. Your poignant, attentive questions showed me you were paying attention and to things that I hadn’t even noticed myself, and helped guide my process. Overall, your incredible perceptiveness and empathy felt so profoundly nourishing."


Why work with me?


I’m trained in a transpersonal, soulful approach to coaching, interwoven with positive psychology. My natural style is emergent - trusting in the unfolding and being present with what is. This flows with being directional to help you gain even more from our precious time together. I see the person before me as a ‘whole’ person rather than say a professional presenting with a career or business challenge. You might choose the option of starting a session with a short meditation or some ‘quiet time’ to become more fully present.


I’ve coached a variety of people; retreat centre staff around their leadership roles; entrepreneurs and wellbeing practitioners around their business development; professionals in the corporate and academic world; a student studying for her master’s; a working mum, and a mum returning to work. I enjoy the variety. I’ve found it more challenging to coach people in the for-profit world with a different perspective or values and enjoy the growth edge this brings. Universal themes present themselves including self-care, wellbeing, self-doubt and vocation. 


The culture of the Findhorn Foundation has been shaped by psychosynthesis over many decades and after 12 years here this is infused in my being. I have a Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations, a year-long course providing a depth of personal exploration, developing skills to navigate relationships and inner experience.
I enjoy linking this approach with the Advanced Coaching Diploma, developing potential through an action-orientation of goals and motivation. I'm grateful to feel part of the global coaching community, a peer group of mutual support and inspration as we deepen our coaching practice to serve more fully.


I’m a soulful entrepreneur and have completed an Inner MBA certified by New York University's Mindful NYU. I love the research from neuroscience that shows the positive impact of social emotional learning and behaviours that enhance motivation, performance and success. I’m personally quite goal driven and enjoy a relaxed approach to life. Paradox is definitely present! I also engage in various trainings to develop my business and embrace the opportunity to have a greater impact in the world and support your transformation.


I place great value on meaningful relationships and feel this is at the heart of a successful coaching partnership. Resonance and rapport is important and I believe in the transformative nature of recognising our interconnectedness. One of my gifts is holding space for another with a deep sense of curiosity, care, presence and empathy. Weaving the inner landscape with the outer adventure of life perhaps encapsulates my coaching approach, along with this quote from Henry David Thoreau;
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined.”

What Clients Say

“I left each session feeling uplifted, confident, and in touch with my own capabilities and capacity to move forwards. The coaching felt relaxed and was a lovely mirror of support. I didn't have much of that in my upbringing and now feel more capable of being a teacher.”