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What is a Coaching Conversation?

Posted by Christine Lines on
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Coaching is a conversation driven by you, with me as a guide and companion. I hold you in unconditional positive regard, believe in your highest potential and support the intention for change. Imagine you’re in the driver’s seat and I’m sitting next to you as navigator. 

I hold a space of active listening, reflective summarising and powerful questioning, following the threads and sensing when to make an intervention to deepen the exploration. Various tools and techniques can be woven into a session, tailored to meet you in the moment. Essentially, coaching involves clarifying priorities, setting goals, defining, and then reviewing, actions. All in a continuous feedback loop.

My intention is to be deeply present and to hold a space that builds trust and rapport, without attachment to the outcome.

The responsibility is yours, and I offer accountability. Coaching is inherently supportive; I accompany you as a witness and might challenge hidden assumptions. I bring a genuine sense of care and compassion, knowing that many of the challenges people face are universal.

Coaching can include your personal and professional life. I describe my style of practice as inner life coaching, with a holistic, developmental approach. Rather than focus on performance, I believe we’re all on a journey of lifelong learning and have the opportunity to continually grow into our potential.

From ten years of experience as a Findhorn Foundation co-worker, I meet you as a ‘whole’ person, full of thoughts, feelings, dreams and aspirations. Listening deeply, I often sense ‘below the surface’ to explore beliefs, rather than focus on issues, helping you shift awareness and change behaviours.

My personal values include curiosity, creativity, trust, intuition and freedom.

I believe that being free to express our uniqueness is foundational for a fulfilling life. I embrace the human experience and the wisdom of the soul. I’m guided by the professional values of meaning, purpose, presence and respect. I believe that, deep down, we all seek to craft the most meaningful life. The line from Shakespeare, ‘To thine own self be true’ is a deep and lifelong personal enquiry.

Developing trust is vital, to create the feeling of safety for you to openly share your deepest thoughts, feelings, challenges and desires.

To support this, I follow the ethics of coaching and align in thought and action to create a clear, robust, relational space between us. Peers describe, ‘my professional experience woven with a heart centred approach’.

Sessions are often light and also deep, entering into a mystery, full of possibility. Insights and direction can reveal themselves, by the subtle presence and ‘guidance’ of the coach in the flow of conversation, that is simultaneously led by you in a co-creative dance.

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