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Journey of a Psychosynthesis Coach

Posted by Christine Lines on
Journey of a Psychosynthesis Coach

When I joined Findhorn Experience Week, the signature program of the pioneering community in Scotland, I felt a homecoming that was like a soothing balm to the soul. I believe the whisper of the soul communicates to us all, it's just sometimes hard to listen...

Feeling heard and accepted by the circle of friends helped the healing journey of the younger self within and created the foundation to grow into coaching.

Impulse towards Wholeness

That was in 2009 and a year later I returned from Australia to live in the community. My soul seemed to know this was the place where I could most learn and most contribute. I didn't have the language at the time to name the 'impulse towards wholeness', I simply trusted the intuitive knowing and embraced the sense of meaning and purpose. I now realise coaching is a tool that can develop these very skills and you might be wondering what's unique about the psychosynthesis approach?

Eileen Caddy, one of the community co-founders, wrote books on learning to love with David Earl Platts, a psychosynthesis counsellor, after working extensively together at Findhorn. Psychosynthesis is a holistic model of psychology that helps us connect with our inner wisdom, strengthen our sense of self and be in right relationship with the people around us. We're all born with an innate capacity to love and many of us have developed barriers to protect ourselves from the painful experiences in life. Our journey is to reconnect with love and self acceptance and explore our full potential.

Their work explains, 'Learning to love requires an intention to change and a willingness to take action. Once we understand how to work with our doubts and fears and learn how to change our beliefs and behaviour, our barriers will melt away and we spontaneously open up to connect deeply and harmoniously with the full flow of the river of life.' Blend this with coaching and goal setting and we have a really dynamic offer.

Essentials of Psychosynthesis

I was immersed in a community that was a living experiment of the down-to-earth practicalities of exploring feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and past experiences that block us from living and loving fully. Many of the underlying principles and techniques originate from psychosynthesis, devised by Roberto Assagioli.

The Essentials of Psychosynthesis workshop offered at Findhorn in partnership with the Psychosynthesis Trust in London is designed as an introduction to the vision, models and methods of psychosynthesis, the course provides creative tools and transforming techniques that can be applied to our personal and professional life. You might be looking for some tools you can apply in everyday life rather than freeing up a week for an experimental workshop...

Over a year I travelled monthly to London for the Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations expanding the toolkit of personal development. I was blessed to stay with a friend and mentor, Diana Whitmore, who served as a Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation for many years. Diana's good fortune was to study extensively with Assagioli early in her career and she's a leading light in the Psychosynthesis world doing amazing work with teens and toddlers. As an adult choosing a coach, you want to resonate with their approach and know that it comes from a deep place.

The Art of Deep Listening

The year long certificate was an embodied psycho-spiritual journey, learning psychosynthesis theory through direct experience. Assagioli's egg diagram, building on the theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, offers a profound map of the psyche to navigate the human experience - the field of consciousness within which we all co-exist. We can all be drawn into our higher or lower consciousness and connect more fully with the higher - or transpersonal - Self as part of our healing into wholeness. Life presents us with constant choice.

I've found counselling of immense value, especially at times of personal crisis when a relationship ended, however I didn't feel called to continue further training to become a counsellor. Learning the basic skills was invaluable though. The art of deep listening and active presence continues to be an ongoing practice and these skills are essential for coaching. Counselling tends to focus on healing the past and you might be clear you're looking to create the future.

Exploring our Potential

I enjoy an active approach to exploring our potential and after many years of personal development felt drawn to coaching. Diana recommended Wise Goose in Devon. The founder, Helen Sieroda, offers accredited coaching training infused with the principles of psychosynthesis. The Foundations in Coaching was offered for the first time at Findhorn in 2018 and you've guessed it I was a keen participant! I felt so familiar with the ethos, the coaching approach resonated deeply and I seemed to have an innate ability, honed from the years at Findhorn. I imagine you're looking to fast track your approach and a three month program of regular coaching might be ideal for you!

When I embarked on the Advanced Coaching Diploma it was a bigger commitment than I realised and I'm immensely grateful for the personal journey that now helps me be of greater service to others. I'm writing this in the week that I was delighted to receive anticipated news from Helen. "The verifier has signed off your portfolio. Congratulations! It was a beautiful piece of work and a joy to read." 50,000 words later, weaving together multiple assignments, client hours, a case study, enquiry journal, reflections, reading, supervision and practice. I framed it all within the Hero's Journey, inspired by the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell.

I literally coached myself to this milestone in life, along with peer support, and know from personal experience how effective coaching can be! I share this life experience with you and welcome the opportunity to connect on a discovery call. Let's explore your next milestone!

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