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Flourishing into Life

Flourishing into Life

Flourishing into Life is a month-long program to help enhance your contentment and fulfilment. Inspired by the Science of Happiness and knowing ourselves through the Hero’s Journey, discover how these approaches can guide and empower you in life.

The Hero's Journey is based on the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell who studied different world cultures and recognised distinct phases of the archetypal journey. Understanding these phases can help you navigate the emotional terrain. The Science of Happiness draws on extensive research in the field of Positive Psychology and the benefits of positive emotions.

Imagine holding a map for your adventure of life that helps to gain insight, refine new skills, navigate the maze, meet the inner dragon, embrace rest and reflection and return home transformed, ready to share your gifts from a place of peace and contentment.


  • 4 x 90 min coaching sessions, one each week, a video call via zoom
  • 4 x 30 min check in sessions, one each week, an audio call walking in nature
  • Daily actions and reflections that emerge from our coaching conversations
  • Communication via our personal WhatsApp group for daily connection

I believe it's a lifelong journey "to know thyself" and grow into the fullness of who we are by trusting our inner wisdom. Imagine this 30 day journey as a deep immersion that brings focus and momentum. Tailored just for you, it's an ideal way to make positive change in your life.


  • Gain clarity and insight into how you can feel better
  • Establish ways that nurture you day by day
  • Develop positive habits that support your whole wellbeing
  • Deepen trust in your inner wisdom
  • Strengthen your confidence and contentment

Worry and self doubt is part of the human experience. By focusing on a growth mindset we can benefit from positive emotions! Nurturing your wellbeing and embracing your strengths can help make a difference. A 30 day commitment inspires focused action for change. You might be surprised by how positive you feel as you weave into life the many ways you can flourish...

"Christine’s reflections amplified my certainty and that felt empowering. Repeating my words "to develop a practice to be unavailable" really hit home and I now have a commitment to develop healthy habits." Lorraine

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