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Going Deeper to Flourish from Within

Going Deeper to Flourish from Within

Going Deeper to Flourish from Within is a three month programme to support you in fulfilling your goals and intentions. Create a new way of being in daily life.

It's based on knowing ourselves through the Hero’s Journey and discovering how this approach can guide and empower us in life. The four phases; the call to adventure, the initiation, the transformation and the return, will provide an organic framework for us to follow.

We'll begin our journey by clarifying your purpose and intention, mapping your life as it is now and creating the pathway forward. We’ll then meet each week for a coaching conversation and also a check in call. Actions and reflections will emerge and help shape our work together. 

"Christine masterfully weaves a space of safety and expansiveness. I felt illuminated by her deep presence and comfortable to bring all of myself into the unknown, as I played and explored the possibilities for the next chapter of my life." Nadine E.


  • 12 x 90 min coaching sessions, one each week, a video call via zoom
  • 12 x 30 min check in sessions, one each week, an audio call walking in nature
  • Daily actions and reflections (Monday to Friday*) that emerge from our coaching conversations
  • Communication via our personal WhatsApp group for daily* connection

Twelve sessions in total with two week long rest and reflection weeks.

Committing to a three month journey gives time for deeper reflection and integration of the changes you wish to create in your life. Enjoy ongoing support, encouragement and accountability in between sessions to help ground the growth and transformation within you.


  • Deepen trust in your inner wisdom as your guide
  • Gain clarity and insight into your goals and obstacles
  • Create more self care and discover how you can flourish
  • Develop positive habits that help transform your life
  • Strengthen belief in yourself and embody more self confidence

Incremental steps help make long term change possible. Reviewing and refining each action helps build a strong foundation for the future and can help shift your mindset and beliefs into a new sense of freedom.

"It was helpful to explore options, question my beliefs and affirm my values. One of the actions from our last session was life changing. I was amazed something so simple would make such a difference, and appreciate the role coaching plays in the process." - Johanna 

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